You Need To Hear This Story—This Woman Fell In Love With Her Catfisher & It’s Insane

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Have you ever been catfished? Even if this horrible thing has never happened to you, chances are you’ve seen the popular documentary Catfish or the MTV reality show of the same name. It’s no secret that this basically never works out. It’s not a great start to a love story when one person lies about everything. But there’s one Catfish story that has the best ending ever and you need to know about it.

This past October, The Atlantic published a story called “A Catfishing With A Happy Ending” and it’s pretty unbelievable. Thirtysomething Emma Perrier, who lives in England, thought that she found love on a dating app, Zoosk. She was talking to a guy named Ronaldo Scicluna (“Ronnie” for short) who was an Italian electrician. Well, that’s who she thought that she was talking to, that is. It was really a fiftysomething man named Alan Stanley who was using pictures of a model. Oops.relationships,relationships,relationships

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