You May Have Been Dating A Legit Psychopath Without Even Knowing It—Here Are The Signs

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You probably consider at least one of your exes to be crazy, but there’s a massive difference between a guy who treats you badly and a guy who potentially poses a very real danger to himself and others. Here’s how you can know if you’ve been dating a legit psychopath:

1. HE MIGHT SEEM TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE. You know when you meet a new guy and it’s like you hear a choir singing and birds chirping and you swear that this is the person that you’re going to be with forever? But then after a while, things get weird and you have no clue what you were thinking? Yeah, that seems to be what happens when you’re dating a psychopath. At first, he’s going to seem so great that you’re going to wonder if this is for real and you’ll see that it’s not for real at all. A normal guy won’t seem so ridiculously amazing at first.

2. IT’S NOT AN ACTUAL CONDITION. Well, at least according to the field of psychology. The word psychopath is used in the DSM-5 as part of the section on antisocial personality disorder. While psychopaths might be able to fake it in social situations, the fact that they’re even faking it proves that they have some issues.

3. A CHARMING GUY IS A RED FLAG. As expert Matt Stanford, Ph.D., who is the chief executive officer at the Hope and Healing Center & Institute in Texas, told Women’s Health, “People who are psychopathic prey ruthlessly on others using charm, deceit, violence or other methods that allow them to get what they want.” Yeah, you might have thought it was super cute and sweet at first when the last guy that you dated brought you flowers every time that you hung out. But after a while, you probably realized that he was trying to emotionally manipulative you. That’s definitely the telltale sign of a psychopath. This is not to say that every charming person is bad news, of course, but it’s something to watch out for. relationships,relationships,relationships

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