This Is How You’ll Know You’ve Finally Met A Guy Who’s Worth It

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Whether we care to admit it or not, odds are, most of us have spent some time searching for “The One” — or at least imagining what it would be like to meet him. When you finally do, it exceeds your wildest hopes and expectations. Here are 13 things that happen when you finally meet an amazing guy:

1. HE TAKES AN ACTIVE ROLE IN PUSHING THE RELATIONSHIP FORWARD.You’ve heard it so many times that it almost feels like a cliche now: if a guy likes you, he’s going to do everything in his power to make it work with you. It’s not until you meet the right person, you realize how true that statement actually is. When someone’s trying — genuinely trying — to be with you, it makes you reflect back on the laundry list of douchebags you thought were into you. Suddenly, it’s clearer than ever that you were lying to yourself all that time, trying to force hookups to become something they weren’t meant to be.

2. YOU FEEL TOTALLY COMFORTABLE WITH HIM.As in, you can skip that whole “I woke up like this” stage and jump directly to you lounging around in sweatpants and wearing zero makeup in his presence. It also means that you’re relaxed around him in other ways. You don’t have to work too hard at conversation or feel like you’re putting on airs. Ah, what a relief.

3. YOU’RE NEVER LEFT WAITING AROUND FOR HIS TEXT REPLIES. He always replies to your text when he gets a spare second and he’d never purposely leave you hanging. When he does take a little longer than normal, you don’t freak out because you trust him. Even if you’re more of a texter and he’s not as attentive to his phone, you don’t get wound up about it. You’re not losing sleep over why he’s not texting you back because you know he has an insanely busy day at work. When he has a moment, he’ll shoot you an emoji and you’re fine with that.

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