The Hottest Quality A Woman Can Have Is Her Independence—Trust Me, My Boyfriend Loves It

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The other day, my guy said something incredible to me: “The hottest thing about you is that you don’t need me. Like, I could leave you or die and you’d be just fine.” I cut my eyes at him, not sure how to take that. He backtracked real fast and said, “I know that you’re with me because you want me, not just because you need me.” Unsurprisingly, guys love independent women. Here’s why:

1. CHASING DOWN GUYS ISN’T YOUR GAME.You’re never the desperate one. Your Instagram profile isn’t flooded with those “PLEASE DM ME” sort of selfies that people make fun of. If a guy is genuinely interested in you, it’s 100% his job to impress you and ask you out on a date. The fun job is yours; you get to sit back and watch guy after guy awkwardly attempts to win your attention. Enjoy the free entertainment until one is worth your while.

2. YOU DON’T GIVE YOURSELF AWAY TOO EASILY.There’s a fine line between neediness and vulnerability. It’s one thing to open up to a guy because there’s a commitment there, but it’s another thing to give so much of yourself away just to keep a guy. When you’re independent, you don’t have to sleep with a guy just so he’ll stay. Instead, when you see your worth, you carry an air of mystery that attracts most guys.

3. YOU ARE THE DEFINITION OF CONFIDENT EVEN IF YOU DON’T THINK SO.I’m convinced that confidence is never fully attained. Most girls are far from total confidence, but that’s okay because they’re definitely not alone. If you’re like me and you aren’t in love with every piece of yourself, your independence will still make every inch of you shine. When you don’t need anyone else to define you, no one will know when you overthink eating an extra slice of pizza or ditching hair products. Even if you aren’t always confident, you still have the power to radiate independence.relationships,relationships,relationships

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