Never Waste an Old Door Again with These 15 Upcycling Projects

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When you swap out the old for the new in your home, you probably put some of the old into your garage or send it to the dump. It’s easy to do that with old doors.

With a little creativity and handiwork, doors can be transformed into decorative, functional pieces that can jazz up any space. Infuse your own style into designs that say rustic, elegant, or vintage!

Take a look at these ideas below on what can be done with large, old doors that don’t have much of a front-door swing to them anymore. You may get inspired to repurpose your own!


Create your own makeshift drinking station to entertain company. This quaint setup by Finding Home Farms is being used outdoors to serve up drinks. You can also move yours inside!

2. Coat Rack

Busy families need a place near the door and on the door to hang their coats. Blogger photogmommie made sure to incorporate photos of their clan, too.

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