My Ex & I Tried To Have A Joint Facebook Account & It Ruined Our Relationship

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My ex and I had been dating for five months and we’d already hit several major relationship milestones. I had a key to his place that I sometimes used and we’d told each other we loved each other, so when he suggested we create a joint Facebook account, I thought it was a great idea that would only bring us closer. Wrong!

1. IT LOOKED STRANGE TO OUR FRIENDS.Why the heck would we need to join forces and use one account to contact our friends and family? They were confused and I’m sure we looked really stupid to them. One of my close friends asked me if everything was OK between my BF and I. That should have been the first warning sign.

2. IT JUST FELT WEIRD. Every time I wanted to post something on Facebook, I had to do so from the joint account. It got weird because my BF wanted us to do everything together from that account—every picture we uploaded and every status we updated had to be a joint action, one we did together. WTF? We were practically handcuffed to each other!

3. I LOST MYSELF. I couldn’t just have a space that was mine and mine alone. I had to share everything Facebook-related with this guy. I was no longer Giulia, I was Giulia and Billy. Everyone started referring to us by that name and it was nauseating.

4. IT LOOKED LIKE WE WERE HIDING OR OVERCOMPENSATING FOR SOMETHING. You know, like an affair or some other infidelity. I mean, why else would we have to try so hard to look super-connected and in love? I’m sure our followers were thinking the same thing, especially when they saw all our cozy holiday snaps. I soon realized what my friend had meant when she’d asked if my BF and I were OK.

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