My Boyfriend Doesn’t Know I’ve Had Relationships With Women

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7. I DON’T WANT OUR SEX LIFE TO CHANGE.I have had sex with women and enjoyed it. I’ve also had sex with men and enjoyed it. I have no interest in bringing those two worlds together. I worry that if I tell my boyfriend I’ve been with women, he’ll start pushing for a threesome or for us to introduce toys to the bedroom. I like our vanilla sex just fine, thank you, and I genuinely believe that not spicing things up can keep a relationship going for much longer.

8. I DON’T WANT TO CHANGE A THING ABOUT OUR RELATIONSHIP.People often say that they love a person no matter what. I don’t think that my boyfriend would leave me if I told him about my same-sex relationships but I do believe that it would add another, unnecessary layer to our relationship. Things with my boyfriend are perfectly fine so I have no interest in introducing another layer—not when I’m not 100% sure what effect it might have.

9. I HAVE A RIGHT TO HAVE SECRETS.In a way, this is what it comes down to. Every human being has a right to keep certain things to themselves. I’m not ashamed of my relationships with women, but I also understand that revealing them will complicate my life, possibly in a negative way. Everyone has secrets, good or bad. I guess this is mine. relationships,relationships,relationships

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