Is It Love Or Is It Just Cuffing Season? Here’s How To Figure Out What Situation You’re In

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It’s cuffing season, when all the single people get a little more lonely, drinking wine in their warm houses with no one to cuddle by the fire, so they venture out looking for someone to spend the winter with before dumping in time for spring. If you’ve recently gotten into a relationship, you might want to double-check whether or not it’s really love or just a fling. Here’s how to tell it’s for keeps.

1. YOU STARTED DATING WHEN IT WAS STILL WARM OUTSIDE.Cuffing season starts in the fall, so just because you’re attached to someone during the fall/winter season doesn’t mean it’s a cuffing season fling. It supposedly begins in mid-late fall, but basically, if it’s still warm out, it’s not cuffing season yet. If you started dating in the summer, you’re in the relationship because you truly want to be, not because you’re using it as a way to survive the winter.

2. THE PERSON YOU’RE DATING HAS BEEN IN MULTIPLE LONG-TERM RELATIONSHIPS.Cuffing season was famously invented by single people who put aside their usual bachelor/bachelorette ways for a few months every year and pretend to be in a real relationship with someone, only to cut them loose come the spring. Though there are some exceptions to this happening (i.e. in rom-coms), if the guy you’re dating started to become interested in you in mid-late fall and has an unimpressive relationship history, he might be just trying to get his cuff on.

3. YOU WERE FRIENDS FOR A WHILE BEFORE DATING.This relationship you’re in hasn’t been spawned from some chance meeting or an online date that was surprisingly not super bad—it grew organically into something beautiful and will continue to grow despite the plummeting temperatures. You’ve known each other for a long time and your relationship is based on a solid foundation of friendship, not just Starbucks dates, cuddling, and movie nights. relationships,relationships,relationships

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