If You Think You Need Your Boyfriend’s Phone Password, You Need A New Boyfriend

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7. DOES HE RESPECT YOU? While he does have a right to his own life and privacy, you also have a right to respect. If he is intentionally hiding things from you or being disrespectful to your relationship, don’t put up with that. At that point, is it really even worth stalking his messages? Just save yourself the time and dump him—use that energy for something meaningful and don’t waste it on a guy who sucks anyway.

8. COULD YOU BE OVERREACTING? If you don’t have any reason to believe he’s being shady, you have to consider the possibility that you may be overreacting. As women, we’re really good at showing our emotions and our biggest downfall can be going too far with them. Sometimes you just get inside your own head, getting yourself all worked up over something that wasn’t even worth the thought. If this is you, just take a deep breath and relax your mind.

9. IS YOUR GUT TRYING TO TELL YOU SOMETHING? Yes, we overreact sometimes, but women are also amazing at reading people. If you’re sure you’re not just overreacting to whatever he said or did, maybe your gut is trying to tell you something is off. You’re sitting here trying to figure out what really is going on and things just aren’t adding up, listen to that voice and get rid of him. Always try to use reason first, but if reason fails, your gut is always spot on. relationships,relationships,relationships

10. IF YOU’RE WORRYING SO MUCH, HAVE YOU CONSIDER MAYBE YOU’RE IN THE WRONG RELATIONSHIP? When it comes down to it, no matter why you’re feeling insecure about what your guy is doing, you shouldn’t have to worry about your relationship. If he truly loves you and is someone you should be with, he will prove it to you. You won’t worry about that girl co-worker or childhood friend and you’ll be okay when he goes out with the boys. Healthy relationships just aren’t high maintenance.

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