If You Think You Need Your Boyfriend’s Phone Password, You Need A New Boyfriend

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4. HAS HE GIVEN YOU A REASON NOT TO TRUST HIM? If he’s doing his part and being faithful, why aren’t you giving him your trust? Relationships shouldn’t feel like a battlefield full of trust-mines—when you’re in a healthy relationship, it just isn’t that complicated. You should be able to let him go places, talk to people and live his life without questioning the most basic values of trust in him.

5. ARE YOU WORRIED ABOUT OTHER GIRLS THAT AREN’T YOU? Be honest. It’s so easy to dream up the worst case scenario in your head when you see a pretty girl in a photo with your guy, but you can’t trust your emotions all the time. Do you have a real reason to be worried about that girl or are your insecurities just setting in? Reminder: If a guy’s serious about you, he’s serious about ONLY you. Take notes.

6. DO YOU RESPECT HIS PRIVACY? I know, I know—no girl wants to have the crazy card pulled on them, but there’s a line where being in control of all his relationships and friendships is beyond creepy. Remember that your guy is his own person and he doesn’t have to answer to you about where he was or who he was talking to. If the situation was reversed, chances are you’d be saying he was crossing the line and being controlling. If you feel the need to do this, you really need to be asking why.,relationships,relationships,relationships

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