If You See Any Of These Things In His Dating Profile, Beware

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You can tell a lot about a guy by what he has on his dating profile because what a guy decides to put on there has everything to do with the kind of person he is. If the guy you’re about to swipe right with on Tinder has any of these 14 things on his dating profile, I’m going to go ahead and make a bold declaration: he’s definitely no good.

1. HE ONLY HAS GROUP PICTURES.There’s nothing wrong with having a couple group pictures on your dating profile. Maybe, for whatever reason, he’s not the kind of narcissist who spends a lot of time taking pictures of himself. That’s fine, but having nothing but group pics is annoying because it’s hard for swipers (AKA you) to know who the hell he is. He doesn’t like taking selfies? He’s weird.

2. HE ONLY HAS PICTURES OF HIMSELF.Having nothing but group pics is annoying, but so is having nothing but selfies. Like, does he not have any friends? Family? Why is he always alone? What is he hiding? It also makes you wonder if those photos are actually of him or if he’s stolen them from another stranger on the internet.

3. HE’S BASICALLY NAKED IN EVERY PICTURE.Okay, so he has some selfies on his profile. What kind of selfies are they? Are they mirror pictures of him shirtless at the gym that he’s clearly saved via Snapchat and uploaded onto his dating profile? Pass! relationships,relationships,relationships

4. THERE ARE GIRLS IN HIS PICTURES.Sure, he could be posing with his sister or maybe a young aunt but you don’t know that for sure. For all you know, the woman he’s hugging is his ex-girlfriend, current girlfriend, or recent sex buddy. Real talk: Why would he post a picture with another girl on his dating profile? It’s like he’s already trying to make you jealous. relationships,relationships,relationships

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