I Was Striking Out Online But I’ve Been Meeting Tons Of Guys In Real Life By Doing These Things

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7. I MAKE IT CLEAR TO MY FRIENDS THAT I’M ACTIVELY LOOKING FOR SOMEONE TO DATE.I make sure I’m open with my friends about how I’m on a search for a guy so that the next time they meet someone who’s cute, they’ll think of me and maybe do a set-up. I’ve done it multiple times for friends so I know they can do it for me too. The more I keep talking about it, the more likely I’ll be the first one that pops into their mind when they’re trying to set a friend up.relationships,relationships,relationships

8. I GO TO PLACES ALONE.If I’m meeting a friend, I’ll sometimes show up early to be that mysterious, lonely girl in the bar, making myself that much easier to approach. It’s great because there’s a time limit, so if any creepers come up, my friend will be able to shoo them away when she gets there. It’s also totally not weird AT ALL to show up early for something so I’m completely innocent. I’ll also generally go to the movies or coffeeshops alone to see who I can attract. relationships,relationships,relationships

9. I’M GETTING COMFORTABLE TALKING TO STRANGERS.Talking to people I don’t know used to be super scary for me. Honestly, it still kinda is, but the more I get used to having casual conversations with the lady at the grocery store or the guy behind me in line at the bank, or even the waitress, talking to cute guys becomes a lot easier to do.

10. I ORGANIZE EVENTS AND ENCOURAGE FRIENDS TO BRING PEOPLE THEY KNOW. When I plan an outing with a few friends, I always tell them to bring people. I’ve found a lot of dates this way. I don’t specifically say to bring cute guys, just to bring friends and maybe that friend will be the guy who wants to date me! You never know! relationships,relationships,relationships

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