I Was Striking Out Online But I’ve Been Meeting Tons Of Guys In Real Life By Doing These Things

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4. IF I NEED DIRECTIONS, I PURPOSELY ASK THE CUTEST GUY I SEE.This is the equivalent of dropping a handkerchief in the olden days. I’m creating an opportunity for the guy I ask to take it somewhere and no big deal if he doesn’t—he might already be taken or he’s just straight up not interested, but at least I put myself out there. Asking for directions is a great way to start a conversation with a cute stranger without it getting awkward. It’s a low-pressure situation and will get me a high reward if it works out.

5. I USE EYE CONTACT TO MY ADVANTAGE.The eyes tell all. Think about how much information you can gather from someone just by looking into their eyes. I decided I’d better start using this to my advantage. A good way to start making eye contact without totally failing is to act like you’re looking for a friend—that way, if you lock eyes with someone, it’ll seem like an accident. It’s a really great way to survey the area for any potential hotties.

6. I TAKE SOME VOCATIONAL CLASSES ON THE SIDE. I needed to expand my social circle so I decided to sign up for some classes in things I’m interested in. I’m doing an acting 101 class and the people I’ve been meeting are great! If there’s anything you’ve been wanting to learn, sign up for a class—you won’t regret it.

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