I Was Striking Out Online But I’ve Been Meeting Tons Of Guys In Real Life By Doing These Things

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I’m honestly over the whole online dating thing. It’s emotionally exhausting and I know I’m not the only one who feels this way. Incidentally, ever since I’ve gotten rid of my apps and started doing these things, meeting guys in real life has been a total breeze.

1. I ACTUALLY “LOOK UP” WHEN I WALK DOWN THE STREET.I’ve stopped looking at my phone constantly when I’m in public and instead I try to actively take in my surroundings. It’s more calming and I’m way more likely to notice someone I like or who’s trying to catch my eye. People are also more likely to approach me for directions or a question when I don’t have my eyes glued to my phone or when I’m listening to music. You’d be surprised how well this works!

2. I HAVE AN “OPEN” ATTITUDE.When I’m out, I try as best as I can to put out the vibe that I’m approachable and friendly. It sounds dumb, but when you put out positive energy and make it known that people can and should talk to you, they actually do.

3. I DON’T GO ON MY PHONE WHEN I’M IN PUBLIC.I miss SO much when I’m looking through my texts and tweets. What’s happening around me is what I should be paying attention to, not my Insta feed. No amount of online communication will measure up to a face-to-face interaction, so I’ve ditched the dating apps and started paying more attention to the people who were right in front of me. It just feels better that way.

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