I Took A Break From My Relationship & Realized I Was Better Off Single

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When my relationship hit a rough patch, I figured taking a temporary break from each other was the best option. While I didn’t intend for our separation to be permanent, taking some time and space away from my boyfriend made me realize I’m actually better off alone.

1. I LOVED HAVING NO OBLIGATIONS.I didn’t feel forced to check in with him throughout the day, and not having set plans every single weekend was the most liberating feeling in the world. Being on a break was like being free of any relationship obligations that were unknowingly bogging me down.

2. I STARTED TO SEE THINGS IN A DIFFERENT LIGHT. Being away from him allowed me to clear my mind and see our relationship for what it truly was. Obviously, since we agreed to take a break, things weren’t really working for us. Being apart from him helped me realized that we were on a downward spiral. It was at that point that I knew things were over between us, and it was time for me to head back out into the dating world.

3. OUR BREAK DIDN’T ACTUALLY FIX ANYTHING.Most couples take some time away from each other when they get stressed out or the pressure of being committed to each other becomes too much. A break is supposed to allow time for each party to cool down and reconvene at a later date, better than ever and ready to resume the relationship. But for me, the opposite happened. I didn’t feel like things would be able to pick up and progress after our time apart. I had to walk away. relationships,relationships,relationships

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