I Thought I Was In A Boring Relationship But I Was Actually Just A Lazy Partner

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4. EVEN WHEN WE FOUGHT, I DIDN’T FULLY LISTEN TO WHY HE WAS UPSET.When you have the same argument all the time, it’s easy to tune the other person out and only hear your own voice. In my defense, he was never very explicit about me needing to try harder at our relationship, but if I’d made the effort to pay more attention, I would’ve heard him loud and clear. relationships,relationships,relationships

5. I STARTED LOOKING OUTSIDE THE RELATIONSHIP FOR EXCITEMENT.When I could feel the relationship declining slightly, I turned to other people instead of trying to fix it. I started going out on my own or with my girlfriends, leaving my boyfriend to do his own thing. While it’s important to have “me time” and to have deep friendships outside your relationship, they should never feel like an escape or a way to add spice to an otherwise unfulfilling existence. If they are, there’s clearly something wrong with your primary relationship.

6. I THOUGHT RELATIONSHIPS SHOULD BE EFFORTLESS AND THEREFORE DIDN’T BOTHER WORKING ON IT.Love should be easy, right? Wrong. It shouldn’t be a total slog, but you should be prepared for ups and downs and the need for occasional serious conversations about why you love each other and are prepared to work for it. If you expect it to be a walk in the park, you may as well resign yourself to a life of one-night stands because you’ll never be able to handle an actual relationship.

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