I Thought I Was In A Boring Relationship But I Was Actually Just A Lazy Partner

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Shortly after my boyfriend and I started dating seriously, I began to experience some serious boredom and doubted whether the relationship was worth it. What I didn’t realize, however, was that I’d gotten so comfortable that I stopped trying to be a good partner.

1. I IGNORED THE SIGNS THAT HE WAS UNHAPPY.Part of being a good partner is paying attention to your other half’s moods and general frame of mind. Their mental state isn’t your responsibility, but you should at least be aware of it. I got so tied up in my own life that I stopped paying attention to my boyfriend and never realized he was pulling away because he was unhappy.

2. I WAITED FOR HIM TO PURSUE ME.I love being admired and chased after, but the dynamics of playing hard to get have to change once you’re in a committed relationship. I kept acting like it was his responsibility to pamper me and give me attention, and when things got a little rough, I waited around for him to ask me about my feelings instead of going to him when I sensed something was off.

3. I DIDN’T MEET HIM HALFWAY.Relationships need to be equal and ours wasn’t. He was the nurturer and I was the passionate live wire. We may have been attracted to each other because of our differences, but we let them dictate our relationship in a way that drove us apart. I let him fix things when they went wrong, and let myself off the hook entirely. relationships,relationships,relationships

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