I Stopped Texting My Partner For A Week & Our Relationship Changed Drastically

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4. I STARTED TO REALIZE MY BOYFRIEND HAS CONTROL ISSUES. I’d always known that my boyfriend was a bit insecure due to his previous partners cheating on him, but I never realized how often I would text him during the day to let him know who I was with, what I was doing, where I was, and other small things. Because I didn’t have my phone, he started asking me these questions in person. I got really annoyed and we both left feeling angry at each other. He even emailed me at work, which he never does, and I started to realize that something wasn’t right.

5. WE STARTED TO FIGHT. By Wednesday, I planned to talk to him about his weird issues with needing to be in touch all the time. Instead of being receptive, we got into a huge fight. He even accused me of throwing my phone in the toilet on purpose so that I could have an affair without getting caught. WTF?! I stopped talking to him and went to bed. We weren’t on speaking terms for the next 24 hours.

6. WE EVENTUALLY REALIZED WE COULDN’T GO ON LIKE THAT. We couldn’t just pretend nothing was wrong, so I again started the conversation. I told him that his control issues were getting out of hand and had been for a while—I just hadn’t seen it before now. We both talked about how we felt and it brought us closer to each other. We both agreed something had to change.relationships,relationships,relationships

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