I Stopped Texting My Partner For A Week & Our Relationship Changed Drastically

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As is the case with most couples, my partner and I have always discussed insignificant things via text rather than waiting to see each other in person. We messaged each other pretty regularly when we weren’t together, but that all changed one day when I dropped my phone in the toilet and had to wait a week to get another one.

1. THE FIRST DAY WAS NO BIG DEAL. After dropping my phone in the toilet that morning, we quickly realized that not only would it not turn on, but it also smelled like pee. Great. We spent the rest of the day going to different stores to see about getting a replacement but it was really no big deal since we were together. We were more concerned with figuring out where we should go out to eat.

2. I STARTED GETTING REALLY BORED THE NEXT DAY. I never noticed how much time we actually spent on our smartphones until I suddenly didn’t have mine anymore. I made our breakfast the next morning because I was awake before my partner and didn’t know what to do with no phone to scroll down. I also cooked us lunch and dinner. There seemed to be so many more hours in the day and I didn’t know what to do with myself. I tried just chatting with my partner, but he still had his phone and spent most of his time on it. I went to bed early feeling a little disheartened.

3. THERE WAS NOTHING TO EAT FOR DINNER. It was a Monday and I’d been without my phone since Saturday. I went off to work as normal and let everyone know that I wouldn’t have access to email or chats while not in the office, which was no big deal. However, the day got a lot suckier when I got home later than usual to a dark house with nothing to eat and no car to go out and get some groceries. Because I didn’t have my phone, I missed an email from my boyfriend asking me to stop for food since he was getting home late. I ordered us a pizza which was fine, but we were both pretty annoyed about the inconvenience. relationships,relationships,relationships

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