I Know It’s Obnoxious To Say, But I Really Did Find Love When I Stopped Looking For It

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They say not to go looking for love and instead let it find you. I’ll be honest, that advice sounded a little useless to someone who believed that good things came to those who went out there and pursued them. However, after encountering one too many shady dudes, I changed my mind. Here’s what happened when I stopped looking for love (spoiler: I finally found it).

1. I NO LONGER FOCUSED ON THE FACT THAT I WAS SINGLE.When I stopped yearning for a special someone in my life, I didn’t think about being single. I’d see cute couples out and about but I didn’t feel jealous. Honestly, I didn’t know if there would be romance in my future, but it wasn’t something I dwelled on. This wasn’t really a conscious effort, rather something that came naturally after being so disillusioned with dating.

2. I ACKNOWLEDGED ALL THE POSITIVES IN MY LIFE.I focused on all the positive elements in my life, like having amazing friends and family and going to college. I also realized this was a pivotal moment in my life and I owed it to myself to focus on bettering myself for my future. After all, a boyfriend is great, but he can’t make me happy. True happiness begins with being content with myself and my own life.

3. I MADE FABULOUS MEMORIES WITH MY GIRLFRIENDS.My girlfriends and I always have a great time regardless of any of our relationship statuses. I loved staying up late looking at the stars or daydreaming with my friends. We’d talk about our futures, ponder things we didn’t understand and do things we probably shouldn’t have.

4. I MADE NEW, GENUINELY NICE GUY FRIENDS.Oddly enough, when I stopped thinking of every new guy as a potential suiter, I made some great guy friends. Now, this doesn’t mean those guys weren’t out BS’ing other girls – I just wasn’t one of them because I wasn’t interested. To this day, I’m still friends with some of those guys and I really value their presence in my life.relationships,relationships,relationships

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