I Knew My Relationship Was Over When Another Woman Answered My Boyfriend’s Phone

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7. THEN CAME THE WAKEUP CALL. After a whole day of not hearing from my boyfriend and suffering while he ignored my texts, I’d had enough, so I called him. I was expecting him not to answer his phone because he’d been AWOL, so you can imagine how shocked I was when a woman answered. WTF? I panicked and hung up the phone. What the hell was a woman doing answering my boyfriend’s phone at eight o’clock at night? Where were they? What were they doing? I knew I’d drive myself crazy with all these questions, so I called back to find out what was going on.

8. HE DIDN’T THINK IT WAS WEIRD AT ALL.Once she answered,  a guy’s voice could be heard in the background. It was my boyfriend, I was sure of it. He asked her who it was and she told him my name. I could hear a rustling sound and assumed he was taking the phone from her. “Hello?” he asked, as though I were a stranger. My boyfriend sounded so weird and uncomfortable. I played it cool, asking how his weekend was going and his replies were very tame. He gave me a lot of one-word answers.

9. HE REFUSED TO SAY HE LOVED ME.At the end of the call, when I told him I loved him, he didn’t reply. Something was seriously screwed up and his lack of affection towards me really pissed me off. I asked him what was going on and why he couldn’t say it back, but he made lame excuses about being tired. He wouldn’t tell me who had answered the phone, and it was clear she was right there listening. I eventually just hung up on him.

10. HE DIDN’T CALL BACK AND SOON AFTER, HE WAS NO LONGER MY BOYFRIEND.He didn’t give a crap that I was upset. He didn’t get back to me until he returned home, and he picked a fight with me about how unreasonable I’d been to lose my cool. What? Although we tried to work through things, I just couldn’t deal and knew he was lying to me. What an a-hole! relationships,relationships,relationships

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