I Knew My Relationship Was Over When Another Woman Answered My Boyfriend’s Phone

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4. I EXPECTED OUR USUAL TEXTING BEHAVIOR.I thought that we’d carry on chatting via text the way we always did. We spoke daily, but now that he was out of town, the texting whittled down to hardly anything. I know that can happen because it’s impossible to be glued to your phone when you’re supposed to be spending time with your friends, but it just felt wrong.

5. AS MUCH AS I HATE TO ADMIT IT, I CHASED HIM.I took on the role of being the communication initiator. The thing is, I wasn’t trying to control the guy or get in the way of his weekend away with his friends. I just missed him and wanted to connect. It was a five-day long weekend and it felt like ages without him. I didn’t realize that my desperate need to get in touch with him and know what was happening during his time away was actually a sign that something was wrong with our relationship.

6. I COULDN’T BE CHILL. Friends who saw me check my phone for my boyfriend’s messages every 10 minutes looked at me like I was a psycho. “It’s just a few days,” they said, ordering me another tequila. “Enjoy yourself a bit. He’s doing that and so should you.” I just couldn’t seem to chill because I feared that he was having too much fun without me. It’s not normal to have so much fear. In the past, boyfriends had gone away for weekends or longer and I’d been fine. relationships,relationships,relationships

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