Here’s How You Know You’re Only Dating Each Other Because You’re Bored

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We’ve all been there—in that moment when we know deep down that the relationship is going nowhere. We end up breaking up, feeling single and alone and looking for another relationship. When we jump the gun again, we set ourselves up for another kill time relationship. Look out for these signs that you’re about to dive into another drag of a relationship:

1. YOU DON’T EVEN THINK HE’S CUTE.He’s not the swipe right kinda guy for you, but he sends you some flirty message, so you go for it. When someone asks about him, you never pull out your phone to show off his picture. Honestly, you don’t even have a saved picture of him. If he’s cute, you flaunt him. You don’t have to dig through Insta or Facebook to find a “decent” picture of him. It’s that simple.

2. YOU TALK TO HIM BECAUSE YOU’RE LONELY. Maybe you’re the only one in your friend group who’s still single or maybe you’ve been to too many weddings lately. It’s no secret that everyone around you is putting pressure on you to find someone, so you solve the problem by taking whatever guy looks your way. Your relationship shouldn’t be controlled by other people; that’s not their call.

3. YOU’VE PROBABLY BEEN BORED FOR A WHILE. GNOs are getting old, but you’re tired of Netflixing on your own, too. So what do you do? You find yourself the closest man around because nobody wants to be that person who has nothing to do on a Friday night.relationships,relationships,relationships

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