Guys Are Great, But My BFF Will Always Be My Greatest Love

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Romantic love isn’t the only valid form of love and it’s certainly not the one I value most. My BFF is the person I want to spend the rest of my life with, no matter what. That’s true love for you.

1. MY ROMANTIC RELATIONSHIPS NEVER LAST THAT LONG SO I DON’T EXPECT TO FIND ONE THAT WILL LAST FOREVER.I find it hard to get completely attached to guys because so far none have stuck around. OK, so I’m not bitter and twisted enough to think I’ll never find someone I want to spend the rest of my life with, but what’s certain is that I’ve already got one person in my life who’s going to be there ’til death do us part—my BFF! Whatever happens in my love life, she’s here to stay. Our love is real.

2. PLATONIC RELATIONSHIPS ARE JUST AS MEANINGFUL AND FULFILLING AS ROMANTIC ONES. Most of us maintain more platonic relationships than we do romantic ones. Who’s to say which are more important? I get more emotional support, good advice, and pure enjoyment out of my friendships than I do out of most relationships I end up having. But even when I find the perfect guy to settle down with, my BFF and I will still have all this history behind us, as well as our always growing, always evolving friendship. No one can beat that. Ever.

3. SHE’S ALWAYS BEEN THE ONE PERSON I COULD COUNT ON NO MATTER WHAT. The most important thing in any relationship is to be there for each other. The one person in my life I could always trust to be there for me is this girl. She’s never once let me down that I can remember. Can I say that about guys I’ve dated? No. But even if I find a really good guy I can wholeheartedly trust, it won’t make my BFF any less reliable or our friendship any less real.relationships,relationships,relationships

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