Feeling Insecure About Your Relationship? Blame Facebook

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It’s normal to occasionally feel insecure in your relationship, especially in the early days when everything is uncertain and you still get butterflies every time you lay eyes on your partner. However, after a while, those small pockets of paranoia should disappear as you grow as a couple, bond, and learn to trust one another. However, if your insecurities are still getting the better of you in love, there may be a reason: your Facebook habit.

A new study performed by the National University of Ireland Galway and published in BMC Psychology revealed that scrolling your Facebook feed could have negative effects, especially if you’re not using the social media site in the right ways. relationships,relationships,relationships

The research was based on attachment theory, which is basically how we form relationships with each other as human beings. Folks with high attachment anxiety worry a lot about the fate of their relationship while those with high attachment avoidance, well, don’t really like getting attached or when their partners try to. With this knowledge as a basis, researchers polled 717 Facebook users to discover some rather interesting things.

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