Dating Isn’t Dead—Just Always Do These 10 Things On Dates And You’ll Get What You’re Looking For

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7. DECIDE HOW HE STACKS UP AGAINST YOUR PREVIOUS DATES. It’s kind of weird to constantly think about your crappy dating experiences but it happens. It’s totally okay to compare this new guy to others that you’ve gone out with if that helps you realize that he’s a decent person worth seeing again.

8. SHARE JUST ENOUGH ABOUT YOURSELF AND YOUR PAST. It’s tempting to want to overshare when you’re hitting it off with someone (and when you’ve had some wine, let’s be real). If things don’t go anywhere, though, it might be kind of creepy to think about this random guy knowing so many personal and private things about you. Just saying. It might be better to hold back a bit until he’s proven that he’s worth sharing this stuff with.

9. FOLLOW THE CONVERSATION. It’s normal to approach a first date like a series of questions that need to be answered, which is why people compare it to a job interview. But what about naturally following the flow of the conversation? If you and this guy really hit it off, you might talk about the same subject for literally an entire hour and that’s cool. You shouldn’t feel like you have to find out everything there is to know about him right now. That’s what the next date is for (hopefully). relationships,relationships,relationships

10. DON’T LEAVE THINGS HANGING. You’re done with wondering if he’s going to text you and wondering if you should just go ahead, right? Of course you are. Save yourself the pain and suffering and simply make another plan at the end of the evening (if you like him, that is). You’ll prove that you want to be honest and you want something real, and you just might get it. relationships,relationships,relationships

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