Dating Isn’t Dead—Just Always Do These 10 Things On Dates And You’ll Get What You’re Looking For

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The party line these days is that dating is totally dead and everyone just wants to hook up. While it’s easy to think that casual situations are the norm thanks to dating apps, that’s not necessarily true. People are still interested in relationships, you just have to know who to look for and what to do. If you always do these 10 things on dates, you’ll better your chances of finding love:

1. STOP PUTTING ON A FRONT AND BE UNAPOLOGETICALLY YOURSELF. You’re always being told that you should be yourself, and yeah, it gets annoying AF, but you really should take this advice. If you’re too shy or scared to let guys know who you really are, whether you’re sharing your love of the ’90s or a unique hobby, then you can’t really complain when you don’t get second dates. You have to put in the effort.

2. DON’T THINK YOU’RE ABOVE SMALL TALK. People act like small talk is the worst thing that could ever happen on a first date but is that really the case? Isn’t small talk just another way of getting to know someone? Don’t freak out the next time you and the guy that you’re grabbing drinks with happen to mention the weather or the fact that you can’t believe it’s October. It’s totally fine as long as you do talk about some real stuff as well. Small talk is a great way to feel out someone’s vibe and get more comfortable chatting.

3. TALK POLITICS—IN 2017, IT WOULD BE WEIRD IF YOU DIDN’T. There’s really nothing wrong with mentioning politics on a first date. After all, we’re living in pretty political times right now and it’s kind of weird not to care. It’s a good idea to mention this if it’s something that you’re interested in. You’ll find out quickly if you and this guy are on the same page. Better to know now if he’s an NRA-supporting, Trump-voting jerk.

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