Buying A House Made Me Realize I Wanted Out Of My Relationship

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When I decided to get on the real estate ladder by buying and remodeling my first house, I didn’t anticipate the feelings it would arouse about my relationship. Here’s how buying a home made me rethink having a partner.

1. I DISCOVERED HOW MUCH I’VE CHANGED.Buying a house made me think about the fact that I’ve matured so much since I met my significant other. When we got together, I was really just a kid. Now, I bought and am remodeling an entire house. It’s a beautiful thing to grow up with your partner, but this all made me realize that maybe it was time for a change in my personal life too. It was scary to think about being by myself after so long, but I knew I had to follow my gut.

2. I SAW THAT I STILL HAVE SOME MORE GROWING UP TO DO.True, it might be a big step towards adulthood, but buying a house also made me uncover how much I still have to learn. I would rather be in a relationship when I’m comfortable dealing with everything that comes with being an adult. Unfortunately, the house showed me that some growth has to be done alone. relationships,relationships,relationships

3. I RECOGNIZED THAT WE’RE FOCUSED ON DIFFERENT THINGS. Right now, my partner and I are hitting different kinds of milestones. Even though our accomplishments are equally important and significant, it’s hard to concentrate on myself when we’re in such independent places. It’s fine to be focused on different things, but I concluded that I needed a little bit of time to focus only on the things that are relevant to me.

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