After Five Years Of Dating, My Ex Said He Just Wanted To Be Friends

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5. HE DIDN’T WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT—HE’D MADE UP HIS MIND. He was about to leave for work but for some reason, he thought that was a good time to drop this bombshell on me. I asked him if we could talk about it when he got home and he made it seem like there wasn’t anything to talk about. I told him I still thought we should talk about it and he reluctantly agreed, but I could tell he’d already made up his mind.

6. FOR A LITTLE WHILE, WE ACTED LIKE NOTHING WAS WRONG. When he came home that night, it was like that conversation hadn’t even happened. Despite having thoughts about leaving, I didn’t want us to end, mostly because I was scared of being on my own again after so long in a relationship. Because he didn’t bring it up, I didn’t either. We acted like nothing happened and moved on with our lives.

7. HE BROUGHT IT UP AGAIN A WEEK LATER. He made hurtful comments towards me. He told me he thought I wouldn’t be a good mother and that he thought I was lazy. I couldn’t figure out where all of it was coming from and why he seemed so hell-bent on hurting me. Again, I told him I thought we should talk about it and again, he made it seem like there was nothing to talk about. I continued having deja vu when he got home that night and acted like that morning had never happened. Sure, he was still being a bit cold towards me but he was also affectionate at times. What was going on?! relationships,relationships,relationships

8. AT THAT POINT, I’D HAD IT—I’D DECIDED TO BITE THE BULLET AND END THINGS MYSELF. Clearly things weren’t going to change. He obviously didn’t want to talk things over. He was giving me all kinds of mixed signals, so why would I stay around? I began looking for a new apartment and got myself prepared to move out.

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