9 Signs Your Relationship Is Falling Apart

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We like to talk about equal rights and respecting each other’s interests, and in theory we’re all good. But what about in practice? Can we see dishonesty in real relationships at first glance?

Oxallon invites you to take a look at some quite frequently occurring situations. Perhaps this will help you to see personal relations from a new perspective.

Unequal spending of time and money on common needs


Every day you go out of your way to go for groceries after work and cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner because your partner’s used to eating well? You get another job because you can’t afford your beloved’s whims? Your wages aren’t enough for 2? It’s unfair!

When only one of you benefits from living together


Your partner lives in your house and you share food expenses equally? Either of you has several bottles in the bathroom bought specifically for yourselves? You cook and clean up in turns? Seems everything is all right here. But still unfair! relationships,relationships,relationships

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