9 Signs to Tell you Are in a Toxic Relationship

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7. Together yet lonely

Dates, outings, sports; you may be indulging in all, but is something still missing that stabs your heart every time you think about it? It is time to understand that being together on the surface is not what holds the key to a happy relationship. If you end up feeling lonely and deserted despite having him by your side, then it is a very obvious sign of what you have got yourself into. Having a long distance relationship is better in the face of being together yet lonely. Give it a nice thought.

6. It’s not about ‘us’

A relationship is about two people working in a partnership. That is a clear cut theory which ought to be implemented in practice. If things are more about him, you know where you are heading to. Are all the rules set by him and supposed to be implemented by both of you? Is he the one with who has bestowed himself with the deciding authority of the places you two go to or the activities you two indulge in together? If you are affirming to these questions with a silent nod of your head, then build up your willpower and find your way through it. Stop finding an efficient partner in him. relationships,relationships,relationships

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