8 Signs Proving That Your Man Truly Loves You

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Love on the screen and in romantic books makes us think that a man who sincerely loves a woman should always bring her huge amounts of flowers and jewelry, do crazy things, and save the world (at least once). But when we don’t receive such love signals, we get disappointed and feel that our man doesn’t love us. But is that really true? Or do men express their love in a different way?

Oxallon gathered scientific facts that show sincere and real love more clearly than millions of flowers and hundreds of rescued kittens. If your man doesn’t always make a declaration of love but does the majority of these actions, you shouldn’t hesitate — he loves you.

8. He listens to you more than he speaks.


The majority of men doesn’t refuse to speak about themselves and their achievements. But this is not how a loving man operates. He listens to his beloved very attentively and asks questions because true love implies interest and empathy, even if a conversation isn’t deeply meaningful.

And if a man isn’t interested in your affairs and refuses to listen to you but can discuss euro rates or types of spinning rods for hours, it’s time to think about your relationship.

7. He cares about your friends and family.


A loving man takes your family and friends into his heart because they’re a part of your life. He may not like them, and he may even disrespect them on occasion, but he’ll never forbid you from communicating with them. He’ll always be there if you need his help.relationships,relationships,relationships

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