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7 Things That Reveal Someone Is in Love With You (Attention: Now You Can See Through People)

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It appears that love not only makes us feel elated and have butterflies in our stomachs, but it generally has a great influence on our entire bodies whether it be by blushing and sweating excessively or by going through hormonal and psychological changes. These symptoms can sometimes be so obvious that you can easily know when a person is in love with you even if they pretend to be indifferent.

Oxallon has collected some features and “symptoms” that help you realize when you’re falling in love and understand how another person actually feels about you.

7. Hormonal changes


It’s already known that a group of certain hormones is responsible for strong feelings. The release of these hormones makes people experience romantic feelings and passion that they can’t control very well. But men’s signs of falling in love are different from women’s.

At first, their emotional and sexual preferences match: men become more romantic, tender, and attentive because of oxytocin, while women experience a burst of energy and a high sex drive because of testosterone. But unfortunately, when the level of hormones returns to its normal state, women feel a lack of attention and men miss the number of intimate moments. relationships,relationships,relationships

6. Voice changes


The changes in our bodies don’t stop when the period of passionate love ends. For example, our voice still changes. According to one study, when a woman speaks to her beloved, her voice unconsciously gets softer and higher. On the other hand, other research revealed that women can manipulate their voice pitch making it lower with more vibrations to be more attractive.

But the thing is, men unconsciously prefer women whose voice pitch is high and “womanly”. It’s all about our instincts: such a voice indicates that a woman is caring and reliable, and is ready for a long-term relationship. A lower voice attracts men only physically as it’s mostly about sexual interest.

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