5 things to know about Halton’s blue box recycling program

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Halton Region is giving residents a little more wiggle room when it comes to recycling, by updating its blue box program.

The changes, launched on April 2, are giving residents more options and allowing them to recycle more products.

Here are five things you need to know about the blue box recycling enhancements:

Halton residents can now recycle plastic bags.

Along with plastic bags, residents will be able to include plastic wrapping, such as that which typically packages toilet paper rolls.

Residents will not be restricted to solely using their blue bins.

Residents will have the option to leave their recycling in blue bins, clear plastic bags or a combination of the two. There are no limits to the number of bags or bins each resident can place outside for collection.

There is a correct way to recycle plastic bags.

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When using a blue bin, plastic bags and plastic wrap must be placed in a separate bag, prior to combining with other recyclables.

Recyclables should be rinsed.

All recycling products must be clean and dry prior to being placed out for collection.

Check your bags before recycling.

When recycling plastic bags, check inside. Make sure they are free of any items such as receipts or cardboard.

“The blue box enhancements were put into place to provide more options to suit resident needs and help prevent wind-blown litter,” Rob Rivers, Director of Waste Management and Road Operations said. “The enhancements are a continuation of Halton Region’s important investments in waste reduction technology and curbside waste collection services, some of the many ways we are keeping Halton a green and sustainable region for generations to come.”

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