5 Reasons Not to Rush into a Relationship

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2. Take time to breathe

The fear that you must confront at this time is the fear of being alone. This fear can enter and take hold of your mind quickly after a break-up because your life has just changed drastically from one moment to the next. 

Maybe you had always imagined a future, an idealized future, with your partner, in which you weren’t alone and you had that person you loved by your side. However, these things can and do change.

Why not look at the glass as half full? Now you are alone and can take a deep breath and return to being you.

When you are part of a couple, you start to think in terms of the common good. In other words, you start to base your choices off of what would be good for both of you and for the relationship. But when you are alone, you are the only one you have to think of. 

Take advantage of this solitude. There is nothing bad about being alone! Furthermore, you should learn how to be alone and not let your happiness depend on being with another person. 

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