5 Reasons Not to Rush into a Relationship

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After a break-up, you may find yourself all of a sudden fervently needing to become involved in a new relationship. You feel the need to avoid the overwhelming loneliness that can sometimes be felt after ending a relationship. 

It might not even be a desire for a new relationship, exactly, but simply the need to have someone by your side. It is the need to share your life with someone and to have a feeling of intimacyYou may feel to want someone in whom you can take refuge from the pain that you feel. 

It is sometimes hard to understand why many people, after a break-up, seek out a new relationship. Maybe they feel alone, maybe they feel empty…but what is true is that it is most likely that you, too, have passed through something similar.

Today, we will give you 5 reasons to not rush into a new relationship.

1. A new problem doesn’t solve the old one

This concept is an important one, and one that must always be remembered. However, sometimes it can be ignored and in turn greatly affect certain circumstances and situations in your life.

It is completely acceptable to try and find a new person to fill the void of loneliness felt after a break-up. This makes sense because it hurts to lose someone who was an important part of your life, and you want to move on.

But be careful to not do this selfishly. Don’t use a new person and a new relationship to try to get over the old one.

No one deserves to be used in this way, and if that is your intention upon meeting someone, then it will only be a fleeting and unproductive relationship. You are not ready to start anything with anyone at this point, so forget about trying to resolve your feelings by looking for distractions. 

Think about being alone with your pain for a little while. Don’t seek out shelter and protection in someone else. Savor your solitude. It is the perfect moment to discover yourself and what you are truly looking for.

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