25 Animal Photos Illustrate how Painfully Obvious it is we Should Recycle

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What matters in this life, and what truly gives satisfaction to people?

Some people believe material items or wealth provide satisfaction that is sufficient in life. Others believe animals, pets, nature, or things created by life are more satisfying.

In our lifetimes, we’re witnessing the collapse of nature at the expense of material life, at the expense of the monetary system, the grocery store paradigm, and this “wage slavery” we live in.

Some drastic action must be taken by people to preserve the animals, plants, and things that truly could be considered sacred and valuable on this planet before these precious things no longer thrive or exist in good health.

Here are 25 images that should inspire anybody to consider what they support with their money.

1. This is the incredible smog of Beijing, China.

2. In Laos, plastic waste is accumulating here on the shores of the sea.

3. In New Dehli, India, the necessity for people to suffer through population density ultimately due to the hoarding of wealth have to dump their trash in the streets.

4. In Wetsahara, Morocco, this kitty was photographed going through some trash.

5. In Bali, Indonesia you’ll find this dry riverbed filled with trash. When rain comes, the trash is washed out to sea.

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