17 Signs Your Guy Is An Awesome Texter

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Modern romance begins with a text. Whether you met at a bar or on a dating app, your first follow-up contact with him will probably be via SMS, so it’s important to know that your guy is good with his phone. Here’s how you can tell that a guy is a grade-A texter:

1. HE USES MORE THAN ONE WORD AT A TIME.Your dude knows that “Hey,” “Heh,” and “Yeah” don’t even count. Rather than depending on single-syllable greetings and “LOL” placeholders, he puts thought into everything he types. No, he doesn’t need to write in verse or search his thesaurus for arcane words to impress you with. He just needs to show genuine interest in having a conversation.

2. HE SPELLS AND PUNCTUATES PROPERLY. Texting is quick and casual, but it says a lot when he takes an extra half-second to review his words or insert the appropriate apostrophes. He’s doing all he can to make a good impression and he knows damn well that nothing ruins a flirtatious message as fast as typing, “Your so beautiful.”

3. HE’S NOT GENERIC. Hearing from him doesn’t mean receiving some late-night batch text. Nope—he wants to talk to you specifically. He uses your name. He tosses in an inside joke or two. He follows up to see how your dentist’s appointment went or to ask if you’ve picked out a birthday gift for your mom yet. In his eyes, you’re a complex, fully formed human, and he treats you as such.

4. HE ASKS FOLLOW-UP QUESTIONS. The details are important to him. If you mention that you kicked ass in your evening tennis match, he wants a play-by-play. If you say you’re into blues music, he wants to know which artists you would recommend. He’s doing everything he can to learn more about you.

5. HE CAN READ BETWEEN THE LINES. While nobody should be expected to read your mind, he comes pretty close. He’s so familiar with your rhythms that he can figure out the meaning in your tone, word choice, and length of response time. He knows when to offer more support and when to back off.  It’s a huge relief that you don’t have to explain every little thing. relationships,relationships,relationships

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