17 Compliments That Mean More To Me Than “You’re Beautiful”

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Any guy can tell a woman she’s beautiful. Let’s be honest—it’s become a bit of a generic compliment. These are the real compliments I’d much rather get from the guy I’m dating and why they mean so much more to me.

1. “YOU’RE STRONG.” I want a guy who takes the time to notice my strength. It might not be immediately visible because it’s not physical but emotional and mental. I also want a guy who appreciates and values my strength instead of feeling intimidated by it.

2. “YOU’RE SMART.” For me, brains trump beauty every single time because you can get further on smarts and it means the guy’s paying real attention to me if he compliments me on my beautiful brain. It also means that I’ve got something that he’ll still find interesting in decades to come.

3. “YOU’RE HILARIOUS!” I love being told this because if I can make a guy laugh, then I know we’re on the same page. Humor is one of the sexiest qualities and one that’s absolutely necessary in a meaningful relationship.

4. “YOU’RE AUTHENTIC.” In a world full of robots and mannequins, I want to be noticed for being unique and unafraid to move away from the crowd. I’m always true to myself, and a guy who notices that gets major brownie points. relationships,relationships,relationships

5. “YOU’RE CAPTIVATING.” If a guy’s going to call me “sexy” or “beautiful,” I’d prefer if he takes it up a notch by saying I’m captivating. Beauty is so much more than just physical and I want him to feel that there’s so much more going on with me when he looks at me than just what I look like.

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