14 Things A Guy Should Give You Even If He’s Not Your Official Boyfriend

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You’re casually dating or hanging out. Even though you’re not wearing the girlfriend label, that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be treating you like a queen. Here are 14 standards he should meet even if you’re not an official couple.

1. YOU SHOULD KNOW WHERE YOU STAND. You might not be heading to a relationship but you still deserve to know where you’re at right now. It’s so much better than having sex or a casual relationship only to realize later that he saw things totally differently and had different expectations. Just be clear and upfront and you’ll both save yourselves the drama.

2. YOU SHOULD BE RESPECTED. Screw the guys who only treat women with respect and chivalry when they want to date them officially. A guy should be respectful to every woman he meets. If he can’t do that, you shouldn’t even want to spend time with this loser.

3. MIXED MESSAGES ARE OFF THE TABLE.You deserve to deal with a guy who’s consistent, even if you’re just sleeping together. He should show up for dates when he says he will and make an effort with you. He can’t be lazy and expect women to fall over for him. Screw that.

4. YOU DESERVE TO FEEL SPECIAL. You’re not replaceable and if a guy treats you like you are, he deserves to get a drink splashed in his face. The “build her up, then break her down” dating strategy might claim to work for guys, but it’s total BS. A guy who treats a woman as though she’s the most interesting, beautiful, and alluring person in the room will always get her respect and time. relationships,relationships,relationships

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