13 Dating Commandments Grown Women Follow To Avoid Toxic Guys

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9. SAY NO THANKS IF HE TALKS CRAP ABOUT YOUR FRIENDS OR FAMILY.Whoever you’re dating is under no obligation to like any of your friends or family (although it would make life easier). However, they are under an obligation to not try to turn you against your friends and family. If he tries this, it’s clearly for ulterior motives, as in he’s trying to take control of your life.relationships,relationships,relationships

10. BEWARE OF MARTYRS AND VICTIMS.To quote Hemingway, “We’re all bitched from the start,” and it’s true. Not everyone can have a perfect, happy-go-lucky existence, but the guy who’s constantly playing the victim or the martyr, blaming everyone else for his problems, is not someone you want around you. It’s not only a total drag, but someone who can’t take responsibility for their screw-ups and shortcomings is completely toxic.

11. MAKE SURE HE UNDERSTANDS WHAT RESPECT IS.It’s one thing to say you respect someone (just look at Trump “respecting” women), but it’s another to truly understand what respect looks like, means, and should feel like to the person who’s being respected. If you’re with a guy who says he respects you but shows all the signs that he really doesn’t know what respect is, as in he’s not respecting you, end it. Relationships are supposed to be about mutual respect.

12. BE ABLE TO ADMIT WHEN YOU’RE EXHAUSTED.While there’s no denying relationships are a lot of work, a relationship with a toxic guy is extra work and will exhaust the hell out of you. From trying to fend off their manipulation to playing into their martyr complex, to fighting against what you know is right – leaving them – toxic guys literally suck the life from us. Once you recognize this and can admit to it, you’ll be moving in the right direction. relationships,relationships,relationships

13. BE WARY OF GIVING SECOND CHANCES.Yes, some people, in certain situations deserve second chances. But others absolutely don’t. Second chances shouldn’t be handed out like free juice at a blood drive; they should be earned. So while it’s great that you’re optimistic enough to believe that someone is capable of change, it’s important to be picky to whom you give second chances. Life is far too short to spend it with toxic guys, so don’t.

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