12 Reasons You Need To Forget the Guy That Doesn’t Always Text Back

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Texting is pretty much the best way to communicate with people, especially that guy you’re into and have kinda sorta started seeing. However, if he’s not answering your messages all of a sudden or he takes days to give you a one-word answer, it’s time to walk away. Dating isn’t easy, but walking away from someone who isn’t showing interest in you should be.

1. HE’S NOT THAT INTO YOU.He’s likely not that into you if he doesn’t always text back. An interested guy is a responsive guy because your text makes him happy. If he doesn’t get back to you often, he’s either ignoring you or doing something more fun. If that’s the case, girl, let him go.

2. THERE’S SOMEONE OUT THERE WHO WILL BE HAPPY TO TEXT YOU BACK. I know you think that he’s handsome and charming, that maybe he needs just a little more time to come around. But, no. There’s a special someone—and plenty of regular someones!—who’d be completely interested in and responsive to you. Let the fact that he doesn’t text back be the simple reason you move on.

3. YOU SHOULDN’T HAVE TO WONDER IF HE’LL EVER GET BACK TO YOU. Feeling uncertain that your love interest will return a text is not a good foundation for a successful relationship. Some things should come easy and naturally when to two people like each other, so if even this feels like a struggle, that’s not a good omen.

4. HE’S NOT WORTH YOUR TIME. I’ll be blunt—if he doesn’t always text back, he’s not worth your time. You shouldn’t be left hanging by a thread for a dude who doesn’t care about your feelings. If you’re spending time thinking about or texting someone who isn’t reciprocating those actions, he doesn’t deserve your efforts.

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