12 Reasons NOT To Use Emojis When You’re Texting The Guy You’re Into

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9. IT CAN MAKE HIM MISS OUT ON WHAT YOU’RE ABOUT. Just because you’re used to sending weird emojis to your friends, don’t think that he’s going to understand what you mean right off the bat. And, if you’re sending these mystical emojis in the hope he’ll get what you’re about, as a sort of test, it can backfire because he might just be completely confused about WTF you’re talking about. Rather show him what you’re about by being funny and interesting in text and seeing if he “gets” you when you’re real instead of relying on pictures.

10. DON’T USE THEM TO GET SEX, PLEASE. A survey by Match.com has found that people who use emojis in their messages get more sex. One of the reasons is that it’s sometimes difficult to express what you feel so emojis come to the rescue. But you never really know how the message is going to be translated by the guy receiving it. Emojis also create clichéd responses. It’s much sexier to say what you feel in your unique way without the cookie cutter cartoon responses. relationships,relationships,relationships

11. EMOJIS DON’T ALWAYS ADD SOMETHING MEANINGFUL TO THE CONVERSATION. It’s fine to use an emoji here or there, but if you’re using them in most of your texts it can seem lazy AF. Ask yourself: are the emojis really adding something special or meaningful to the message, or are you using them just because they’re fun? If you’re telling the guy you had a wonderful time on your date, you don’t need the smiley-faced emoji to get your point across. Skip the emojis and stick to your words. They matter much more.

12. LEAVE SOMETHING TO THE IMAGINATION. If you make a witty remark and then think you should add an emoji (or five) to your message to ensure you get the message across that you’re being funny and not sarcastic, it’s the texting equivalent of whipping out a chalkboard and drawing pictures to say what you mean in real life. Let your words speak for you so you can suss out if you and the guy have textual chemistry or not. Don’t waste your time with emojis that add color but not much substance. relationships,relationships,relationships

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