12 Reasons NOT To Use Emojis When You’re Texting The Guy You’re Into

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5. IT CAN SEEM LIKE YOU DON’T WANT TO TALK. If you’re sending smiley faces instead of a response to the text the guy sent you, it can seem like you don’t really want to talk much. He might think the string of laughing faces is a sign you think he’s hilarious but the convo’s dead, otherwise you’d be saying something!

6. YOU NEED TO TEST THE CONNECTION WITHOUT EMOJIS. Texting a guy can be a great way to see if you get along well, see that he doesn’t have atrocious spelling, and ensure that you can talk about stuff. If you’re throwing out emojis instead of texts, you’re preventing that connection from blooming with cartoonish distractions.

7. THEY CAN MAKE YOU SEEM CREEPY. You might try to show you’re happy by using emojis but too much of that can make it look like you’re a little too high on life or you’re trying super hard to be pleasing. Oh, and it’s annoying AF! Who the hell smiles that much?

8. FLIRTY EMOJIS CAN SEEM DESPERATE. If you don’t know the guy well and you’re already sending heart emojis or pictures of women and men holding hands, it might make it seem like you’re desperate to get into a relationship or fall in love.relationships,relationships,relationships

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