11 Types of People to Avoid If You Want a Happy Relationship

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There are some people who can’t build a healthy relationship, and they are very difficult to live with.

Oxallon wants to show you the types of people that will never make you happy.

11. Chronic critics

These people like absolutely nothing about you, beginning with your manners and ending with what you wear. They always try to point out your imperfections and change you. These “critics” often think they take care of you, but, as a rule, such relations are no good for either of you.

10. Morbidly jealous people

Life with a jealous person can resemble an Italian soap opera. However, when your partner is jealous of your friends, colleagues, family, or past partners, it’s no good. No one wants to become crazy because of constant jealousy, right?

9. Liars

Liars start cheating from the very first date, and they almost never stop. They not only whitewash events in their lives but completely change them along with personal facts. Such a person doesn’t trust you, and there will be no future for a relationship without mutual trust.

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