10 Ways My Relationship Was Screwed Up That I Didn’t Notice Until After The Breakup

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4. HE DIDN’T TELL ME HE WORKED EVERY OTHER SATURDAY UNTIL WAY TOO LATE.I was coming from a previous relationship that had felt stifling, so I appreciated my sudden weekend independence. Still, as I got more restless by myself, I wanted to spend more time with him and I only found out why we couldn’t after I started a fight about it and he indignantly pulled his trump card: “I have to work a lot of Saturdays!” Thanks for the timely heads up on that. relationships,relationships,relationships

5. HE WANTED KIDS.Again, purely personal preference, but I don’t want children—ever. I can barely keep a small dog from eating his weight in leaves when I take him out to poop, so I have no confidence or will to raise kids. But this boyfriend eventually wanted to become a dad and I staked everything on that “eventually.” I wanted to be with him for the rest of my life, but we never managed to talk about the future.

6. HE DIDN’T WANT PENETRATIVE SEX. We satisfied each other by thinking outside the box, so to speak. But the one time we tried penetration, which I personally love, it didn’t work. We never tried again and we never talked about it again. Not the way to an awesome sex life.

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