10 Things You Say To Your Girlfriends That You Need To Start Saying To Yourself

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Whether it’s cheering our girls up after an argument with their guys, prepping them for the next big job interview, or just being their day-to-day cheerleader, we know how to look after each other. It’s weird then, how totally incapable we are of being kind to ourselves. You’ve probably said all the things on this list to a friend at one point or another—it’s time we started saying them to ourselves.

1. “YOU’RE TOO GOOD FOR HIM.” We’re experts at spotting when our girlfriends are woefully underselling themselves. We’d die before letting our best pal settle for someone that’s no good for her, yet we don’t have the same standards for ourselves. If a guy isn’t respecting you or isn’t putting you and your feelings first, have the self-worth to walk away.

2. “YOU’RE WORKING TOO HARD.” It’s easy to see as an outsider when someone is bending over backward for their job. We’re all too happy to give our friends a ton of reasons they should stop work and come for cocktails immediately, but when it’s us? Suddenly we find excuses out of thin air. When you’ve had a hard day’s work, you deserve a break. Treat yourself.relationships,relationships,relationships

3. “HE DOESN’T KNOW HOW LUCKY HE IS.” Bigging up your girls is the number one rule of sisterhood—it’s time we grabbed a slice of that action for our self-talk. No more thinking about how lucky we are to have nabbed a guy, he should be grateful to have us in his life! Feeling appreciated begins with self-care, so make sure you’re giving yourself plenty.relationships,relationships,relationships

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