10 Things to Do for a Brighter Relationship

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Starting off a new relationship with someone you really enjoy being with is fun, cheerful, exciting and comforting. Yet, no matter how well you manage to complete each other or how deep your feelings are, relationship can get monotonous, tiring, bothersome and sometimes even conflicting with your individuality, personal needs and wants.

The truth is that the initial state of bliss that “wraps” any new relationship is mainly determined by the enthusiasm of novelty. You get to know each other profoundly on multiple aspects of your life or various situations, you come to meet one another’s friends and families, exchange opinions, try out the other’s hobbies, basically you both start painting a pink future together.

No one can deny the power and excitement of discovering another person to the depth of their soul and at the same time, rediscovering yourself in a new relationship.

Still, as time often wears off most things in life, it can radically affect your feelings and interest, your level of connection and your attitude to each other, as well as your desire and willingness to keep things rolling.

The wise couples (you know the ones that most people say “they were meant to be”) turn into wine and keep on getting better with age. Yet, lots of relationship fade away after the excitement phase is over and separate themselves like oil and water.

If you want your relationship to have the long life it deserves, have a look at our 10 things to do for a brighter relationship.

1. Have a positive attitude towards life

Everyone wants to be around cheerful people that seize the moment and take the best of everything.

A constant attitude of dissatisfaction, complaining and nagging — attracts negative emotions creating a terrible mood, and implicitly creating bad relationships between people.

Having and keeping a positive attitude towards life makes you a more attractive partner while at the same time, makes you a happier person overall.

2. Love yourself

Your partner doesn’t want to be the object of your sacrifices. He wants you to be happy with him just as much as he wants to feel good with you.

You both need to be pleased and fulfilled with your own individualities in order to be able to draw the same emotions in your relationship. And, more importantly, you need to preserve your own personality above and beyond the things you’re doing to please the other person.

For instance, it’s ok to occasionally wear an outfit they love on you, yet it’s detrimental for both of you to change your style and wardrobe for what the other one likes or hates.

This is the secret of feeding vitality and continual interest in your relationship: preserving your own self while also sharing it to another person.

Do the things that you enjoy separately (practicing your hobbies, seeing your friends, continuing your studies), strive on remaining the fun and wonderful person you were when you met, and altogether continue investing and improving upon your own self. relationships,relationships,relationships

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